Creating a testimonial page

There’s no better way to promote your effectiveness than letting your clients talk about your organisation or the service you provide.  Ask your clients for a testimonial or a few words of how you have managed to help them through your organisation.

This will help build an online relationship with people visiting your website to find out more about your organisation.  Reading or watching video testimonials gives reassurance to those who are visiting your website that you are the right choice for them, whether they be donors, clients, volunteers or prospective employees.

Here are some tips on how to utilise your testimonials within your marketing on your website.

Once you have clients willing to give a testimonial, you can utilise the testimonials very Image of woman with laptop and website showing sample testimonialeffectively on your website.

Homepage -  consider a quality image graphic which could include a photograph of your client with a statement.

Sign up form - using a testimonial on a sign up form encourages more sign ups.

Position - place  the endorsement on a related page to a product or service

Tweet - share your good news on Twitter with a good graphic and catchy caption - share your clients twitter handle in the caption.

Facebook - include your testimonials and clients Facebook account name to gain extra coverage and sharing.