Using Twitter

Ten Good reasons to use Twitter to support you business activities:

Twitter is a great broadcasting media tool and it allows for instant and global communications.  Having a twitter feed on your website can be a very useful tool.  Whenever you tweet, try to add a link to a page of your website that is relevant to your tweet.  This encourages increased awareness, and  if the linked website page is clicked it increases the quantity of visitors to your website. 

Here are some suggestions as to what you might use it for:

  • Promote your business’ press releases - and insert a linked website page of the press release article from your News section of your website to your tweet.
  • If you are holding events - promote them with a tweet and link the tweet to a booking form that is on your website under your Events section of your website.
  • Announce new members of the team joining your company - again link this to the press release article from your News section of your website.
  • Promote products and services, especially any special offers and link the tweet to the products page of your website.
  • Product research survey results - promote your great results and link the tweet to a product page or research finding article.
  • Tweet about industry news, or retweet an interesting article that is relevant to your business or industry.
  • Tweet about clients or contracts won and link it to a news article on your website.
  • Tweet to promote your complimentary services also i.e. free tutorials, free assessments, no obligation consultations - and link the tweets to pages of your website.
  • You can run competitions on twitter i.e. retweet to win a free (Product or Service). Then link this tweet to your competition page which should include the competition rules and regulations on your website.
  • Tweet free advice and tips regarding your industry.  Everybody likes free advice and tips and if you produce them regularly - enter the tips onto your website and link your advice or tip to a page on your website.