Seasonal Marketing campaigns

Image of baubleWhen marketing your business consider seasonal marketing into your marketing strategy.  There is strength in connecting seasonality to business and knowing which seasonal campaigns are best for your business.

Seasonal marketing strategies can apply to the four seasons just as well as the holidays, weather patterns, sports seasons, birthdays and anniversaries.

Finding a winning combination with content, timing and method of your marketing communications can help you achieve more.

There are two types of seasonal marketing; the long term, where you create promotions and special offers which can last over a period of 3 months, or the short-term; where you promote special offers over a short period of time i.e a weekend promotion.

Long term seasonal marketing allows for building relationships, with subtle, low risk campaigns.  Where as short term seasonal marketing needs to be heavily marketed to gain awareness in such a short space of time and get straight to the consumers because there is less time to engage people before losing novelty and relevance.

We have created a sample and explain how you could include seasonal marketing to your strategy being creative with a seasonal message…

Use Holiday Dates

Associate your brand with specific holidays throughout the year:

Take New Year for example this is when a lot of people plan new beginnings, fresh starts, set ambitions, set targets, set resolutions, make plans, whether it be health, travel, education, family, work, business, or personal development the list could go on and on.  You could associate your marketing strategy to a New Year campaign.

Valentines Day is the day we show our loved ones we care, or we notice, or we appreciate having them in our lives.  From a small gift of a card, to an expensive car, or evening dinner, or a day in a spa; most businesses could use Valentines Day in their marketing campaigns.  

Here is an example for any business who wishes to use valentine in their marketing campaign.

You create a special offer whether it be £’s off, 2 for 1, buy one get one half price - regardless of your business type -  in your marketing message you simply state “Sharing the love this Valentine” within your marketing message special offer.


Utilise the Weather

Peoples moods, habits and interests are influenced by the weather so you have unique opportunities to capture their attention, by creating content for your website and marketing campaigns making it current to recent events and relevant to what people are talking about.  For example a recent snow storm or heat wave etc… Most of all it keeps your website and marketing current and relevant and will no doubt be recyclable throughout the years.

Don't forget!

Don’t forget, no matter which campaign you run, whether it be a long term or short term, ensure to update your website and promote, promote, promote with social medias such as Facebook and Twitter.  Most important of all monitor and analyse your campaigns so you know what is working for you.  Great marketing does not merely communicate to consumers; it starts a conversation!