With Edit.com you will be able to upload MP3 files to your website.

Integrate with iTunes and iPod 

Your Edit.com site will automatically generate an RSS XML feed which can be used by music software such as Apple iTunes. With podcasting technology, users can subscribe to your audio and when a new audio item is added to your site it will automatically be downloaded to the users computer. This can be done easily with many different software packages - with Edit.com you can also integrate an iTunes link so that users can subscribe to your site with just one click!

As the audio file is in digital format it can be played on portable MP3 players such as the iPod, so people can listen to the services on the go!


Each edit.com website can have up to 10 audio files on at one time. The audio add-on is £100 + VAT pa per 75 additional audio files.

You can try out the audio feature before you purchase the add-on package.