Facebook is the biggest Social Media website used by over 1 billion people! 

With an Edit.com website you will be able to integrate Facebook into your website with just a few clicks. 

FacebookHomepage Widget

The powerful homepage builder gives the option to add a Facebook widget to your homepage showing the latest posts you have made to your Facebook Page. You have the option to add some of the faces of those who have liked your Facebook page.

Like and Share Buttons 

On every single page on your site you will be able to turn on the Facebook like link so that visitors to your webpage can like pages. This means that those who like the page will be promoting your site to all their Facebook friends.

With this great marketing tool it means that if 10 people liked your page, each having 100 friends on Facebook then potentially your page could be promoted to up to 1000 people!

To turn on the Facebook like feature just login to your Edit.com website and click on SETTINGS > SITE OPTIONS. If you haven't yet tried Edit.com then why not try our free 30 day website trial.