Why Edit

Why Edit.com

If you are an actively progressive business looking to grow then your website needs to be able to grow with you.  Edit.com provides businesses this facility.  With professionally designed websites that allow businesses from Start Ups to Corporate/Blue Chip manage their website accordingly.  Providing training and support to a single editor for Start Up or SME's to Multiple editor access for Marketing Departments of Corporate/Blue Chip businesses.

Why are we different

Edit.com provide professionally designed websites with an easy to use website content management system.  Edit.com software allows you the ease and simplicity of creating and editing a website with no technical knowledge of websites required. We can assist you from start to finish, from purchasing a website address (domain) to entering your content for you and putting your site live, then handing over the access and editing rights to you along with training and support.  Varioius packages are available to suit all budgets and resources available.

We don't design a website and then just leave you to it
We provide continued help and support for free
We provide free training with webinars
We impart and share our knowledge with you with website tips
We include updates and new features developed for free
We provide various design packages for various budgets and resources
We don't charge you to access or update your own website

Free trial

If you would like to create the website yourself then you can have access to a free trial which you can use to start to build a website.  The trial website gives you access to a basic template for you to work with to set up pages and content.  If you decide you wish to proceed then we can apply a professional design package of your choice over the top of the trial so any hard work you have put into the trial is not wasted.

No software to install

The edit.com software is cloud based so you do not need to install or download software to your desktop, laptop or tablet.  Once we have set up your trial site, you then receive a secure login and password to use on any device.

Unlimited pages

With edit.com packages we don't restrict how many pages you can create.  We allow you to create as many pages as you wish with no set limit set on any of the packages.  

Unlimited free technical support

We provide you with free technical help and support to help you in the initial set up process and during your subscription so there is no need to worry about any additional costs incurred.  Our support team are located in the UK and are available Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and can be contacted direct by telephone or email.

Free video tutorials

We also have easy to watch videos tutorials which are only a few minutes long and help to guide you through the functionality and features of the software.

Used by over 1,000 organisations

The edit software is designed in-house and updated and upgraded behind the scenes so you do not need to worry about upgrades for different search engines and software as they are all included for free.  You will also benefit from any additional add on features we include.  The edit software is used widely throughout the UK by over a 1,000 organisations.

Great built in features

In edit.com there are great features to help you promote your business and activities effectively:

  • Web Editor: allows you to create menus, pages, insert content, upload photos, upload documents, create links, helping you to make edits and updates when you want.
  • Calendar: allows you to enter and promote all your business events into a really easy to use calendar which can then be displayed in a widget format on your home page promoting the upcoming events to your website visitors.
  • Forms: allows you to easily create forms on your website which can gather information from general enquiries, order forms, requests, bookings and also questionnaires.
  • If your business requires an intranet or extranet service (for staff or clients) then Edit.com provides an Pro package which offers you this facility. Allowing you a private log in area for staff members and/or client members.
  • Within the Pro package there is also the option to have discussion forums for staff or clients
  • If you run a business where scheduling a team into rotas is required then you can facilitate rota management through the Pro package.

Social media

Connecting your website with social media is easy with edit.com.  If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can link them to your website so that your website homepage displays your Facebook or Twitter feeds automatically keeping your website updated.